Dick Briggs of Briggs Made Cycle Parts found a common complaint amongst fellow bikers.Dick Briggs of Briggs Made Cycle Parts found a common complaint amongst fellow bikers. When they ride for any length of time, especially when it’s cool, their hips and lower back tend to stiffen up making response time to shifting and breaking slow. It is apparently, a common complaint. Dick realized that having to lift your leg off the footrests to apply the brake was counterproductive.
“Why not rock the floorboards, let’s make the floorboards rock” A couple of minutes later we had given life to the BRIGGSMADE ROCKER BOARDS™ foot control alternative.
Dick Briggs of Briggs Made Cycle Parts found a common complaint amongst fellow bikers
It all started with just the brake but it became such a natural movement that Dick and his team tacked the shift side also. After the first time riding with them he realized that it was not a gimmick or just another forward control but that this simple design could possibly change the way riders operate motorcycles for a long time to come.
As they continued to work with the BRIGGSMADE ROCKER BOARDS™ they found benefits to them that they had not thought about, positive things, like the fact that you no longer shift your body weight while applying the rear brake in an emergency, the motorcycle stops in a much straighter more controlled line and because you no longer have to lift your leg to the brake pedal and  your response time is much quicker resulting in shorter stops. As every rider has or will experience at one time, underestimating the sharpness or severity of a corner, with guardrails on one side, oncoming cars in the other lane, other bikes in front or back of you, at a time when the rider most needs to be in control of the motorcycle, conventional brake controls require you to take your concentration off all these potentially deadly obstacles, lift your leg thus shifting your weight, no matter how little, the motorcycle rocks and changes the steering line of the front end causing the little guy with cold feet to run up and down your spine. With the BRIGGSMADE ROCKER BOARDS™ a simple motion like operating a gas pedal on a car you easily apply the rear brake with no leg lift or weight shift.
Some of the comments we have heard about BRIGGSMADE ROCKER BOARDSTM
·        Their beauty is in their simplicity.
·        Really clean looking.
·        Does away with all the shifter parts that wear out and rattle.
·        My feet are big, now there are no shift levers in the way I have full use of my floorboards.
·        I am always covering my rear brake, at first I thought I would inadvertently ride my brake but it doesn’t happen.
·        Thank you Dickie Briggs.
·        Better than pu*#y.
·        Fastest easiest shifter I have ever used and it doesn’t mess the toe of my boots.
·        I love the angle they are set at they feel like a forward control only with floorboards.
·        You are not just selling a part you are selling a concept you are trying to change the way people have been doing something for a hundred years and we think you will.
·        The absolute best part I’ve ever put on my bike.
·        And my favorite: due to a condition called drop leg I thought my riding days were over your product has let me ride again, I’m 68 years old and I feel like I’m 49 thank god for guys like you who think.

All riders who have installed the Rocker Boards™ on their bikes swear it is the best thing to happen to a Harley.
• The first pivoting floorboard shift and brake
 conversion kit for Harley-Davidson®
• A revolutionary patent pending design
• Eliminates traditional foot levers
• Brake or shift using a more natural toe-down or heel-down action without lifting the foot
off the footrest
• Quicker, smoother shifts with less moving parts to wear out and rattle
• An easier and faster response to braking situations
• Greatly reduces hip and knee fatigue
• Available in chrome and gloss or flat black powder coat. Custom colors are available.
• Made only in America.
Check out the video to learn more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMghldKybGk
Dick Briggs will be at Daytona Bike Week.
Look for him at JP Cycles and at the International Motorcycle Show or call him at 518-884-9591 www.briggsmade.com Tell him Biker Red sent you.