NYPD undercover cop amongst 11 motorcyclists indicted in mob altercation

Eleven motorcyclists have been charged as part of a 14-count indictment due to an attack on the driver of a Range Rover in New York City on September 29th; part of the group charged includes an undercover police officer.

Wojciech Braszczok, 32, has been named as the officer and it is claimed that he might have “gone rogue” due to spending a long time working undercover. He is currently free on $150,000 bail and will be officially charged during an arraignment hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court on November 20th.

The officer is also charged with assault in the first degree, gang assault in the first degree, and criminal mischief in the third degree. Media sources claim that all the riders – with the exception of Christopher Cruz – will face the possibility of decades in jail due to the alleged gang roles in the assault.

The driver of the Range Rover was Alexander Lien and he rear-ended Cruz; however, to date, there are no charges pending for Lien but Cruz is being charged with a felony level criminal mischief and faces a possible four-year term in prison.

Also charged is Allen Edwards, who has claimed from the beginning to media and law enforcement that he had been trying to stop the attack. His lawyer states that Edwards ‘was the voice of reason and was the most reasonable, courageous person there, to stand up to these people who he’s not friends with. He doesn’t know these bikers’.

The altercation was recorded by the helmet cam by one of the riders who has not been charged; the video was posted to YouTube and quickly went viral to a global viewing audience.

In the video, a man who is alleged to be Braszczok, pulling up next to the Range Rover and punched the rear window of the vehicle, which caused it to break. He then allegedly kicked the passenger side where Lien’s wife was sitting in the front passenger seat.

John Arlia, the attorney for Braszczok, successfully argued before the judge that pictures of the officer would not be allowed in court. Arlia stated that the officer was involved in the intelligence division that part of his job was to infiltrate various organizations.