New York Creating Texting Zones on its Highways If you’re driving through New York, the government has now set up a way for you to safely text while you are in the car. No, it’s not “texting while driving”, but in fact it’s a zone along the side of the highway where you can pull over to safely text if it just can’t wait.
The announcement came from Governor Andrew Cuomo, as he proudly announced that the state would be implementing 91 of these zones along highways across the state. The new zones will be advertising “It can wait: Text Stop 5 miles”. These zones will be implemented in existing rest stops and service areas.
While this is a step in the right direction, Cuomo said that it could be a hard sell, convincing young people to use these zones, as constant texting is embedded in their culture. However, the state’s government is hoping that the addition of the zones, as well as harsher penalties, a $150 fine and five demerit points; will force their hands.
This new line of thinking falls right in with Russ Brown and our “Keep Me Alive, Don’t Text and Drive®” campaign. The fact that New York, as well as 40 other states and the District of Columbia, have banned texting while driving, is further proof that America is taking notice of the dangers that texting while driving poses to everyone on the road.
Governments around the nation are doing their part to help combat the dangers that texting while driving poses, now it is up to us, the general public, to do our part in the fight against text and driving.
Keep Me Alive, Don’t Text and Drive®! 

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