New York Motorcycle Accident Injury AttorneysSpring: It’s Time for Truckers to Share the Roadways with Motorcyclists
Now that spring has finally arrived, motorcyclists are once again appearing on New York roadways in droves. Every year, New York bikers leave the “cages” of their cars to enjoy the freedom of riding in the open air. Of course, the 2011 riding season will also usher in enthusiastic young riders who are eager to experience the motorcycle lifestyle, yet who may lack the experience, judgment, and skill necessary for riding safely around other vehicles, especially large commercial vehicles.

New York Motorcycle Injury Attorneys
: Trucks versus motorcycles—the deadly game continues
Here in New York, motorcycles returning to the roadways in spring often encounter “competition” for road space with trucks, due to an increase in commercial traffic as our regional economy continues to improve and the weather warms. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics from 2009 regarding New York accidents, there were at least 36 separate fatal truck-motorcycle accidents here in New York—some with multiple fatalities.
Most truckers are responsible and careful drivers; yet, leading NY motorcycle accident injury lawyers have warned that a worrisome number of truck drivers aren’t watching out for motorcycles, especially after a long winter with few motorcycles on the road. Inexperienced or under-trained truckers often change lanes or swerve without signaling and perform other traffic maneuvers which can have disastrous consequences for bikers. New York motorcycle attorneys have worked tirelessly to educate truckers, motorists, and bikers alike about the need to watch for motorcycles on the roadway and, most importantly, the need for truck drivers to share that roadway with motorcyclists.
Sadly, NY motorcycle accidents continue to be caused by truck drivers who fail to share the roadway with motorcyclists. If you and your family have suffered from a motorcycle accident anywhere in New York, you should contact a New York motorcycle attorney for help. An experienced NY motorcycle injury lawyer can advise you about the options for receiving the financial relief and long-term help to which you are entitled. Call the New York motorcycle lawyers at 1-800-4-BIKERS today for your free appointment.

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