New York biker photographer, Dino Petrocelli, is one of the best if not the best motorcycle photographer I have met and worked with.
Dino Petrocelli, has camera and will travel! I met Dino in Washington, DC at the legendary motorcycle event put on by Rolling Thunder called the Ride to the Wall in 2009. I was there representing BAM, Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcycles and the motorcycle accident lawyers, Brown, Koro & Romag, the law firm created by legendary biker Russ Brown. Dino was there with the colorful and always fun ladies from New York Rider Magazine, Carmella and Lisa.
Dino Petrocelli takes amazing and breathtaking photos and he doesn’t have one look. He shoots various styles and is incredibly creative in his photography as shown here and on his web site.
Dino got his first camera at the age of 14. It was Christmas and I didn’t think to ask if it came from Santa or Mom and Dad. He started taking pics right away and knew from then on that this would be his life’s path.
Photography for Dino became serious business in the mid-1980’s. He Tags: motorcycle lawyers, motorcycles, bikers, photography, new york, new york rider magazine, washington, dc, los angeles saw the potential in making money with his camera and his creative, intuitive talent. Dino’s first wedding was shot in 1986 and he continued to shoot 5-10 weddings annually for the first couple of years. The 5-10 weddings grew into the 40+ per year Dino is now booking. He is a busy man!
Once he got wedding photography under his belt he moved into commercial photography, which led to motorcycles. His first biker gig was photographing catalog work for a local distributor, Biker’s Choice.  Dino was now shooting bike parts and custom bikes, many of which were published in Hot Bike Magazine, whom Dino continues to shoot for today. Next it was Orange County Choppers to shoot OCC’s back-page ad in three magazines – Hot Bike, Hot Rod Bikes and Street Chopper. Dino was also approached by Hot Rod Bikes and the producer of the “American Chopper” series, to shoot a cover photo of the POW MIA bike that Orange County Choppers had just completed. Dino is featured on the “American Chopper, POW MIA-3” episode, as the photographer of the POW MIA bike.
Dino has worked for all the major motorcycle magazines/web sites including clients: Hot Bike, Hot Rod Bike, Street Chopper, Easyriders, V-Twin, Biker, American Iron, Women Rider, Iron Works, the Discovery Channel, and bike builders, Dave Perewitz, Chopper Works, and the list continues to grow. Having spent so much time around custom iron, Dino had his own custom bike built in 1999 which has been featured in Hot Bike, V-Twin and American Iron. Dino has added a 2004 Road King Custom to his riding pleasure, he rode that for a year till he saw the 2006 springer which now is his only bike, of course customized to his liking with a awesome paint job by none other than Justin Barnes from JB Graphix.
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And as I wrote earlier, Dino has camera and will travel!  If you need a photographer, this is the best you can get.
Ciao from Los Angeles.