New York Motorcycle AttorneysMaintain Control over Your Emotions and Your Motorcycle:  New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

New York drivers never seem to look out for motorcyclists. As a result, New York motorcyclists need to be alert at all times when riding throughout the Empire State. One of the best ways to maintain alertness while riding is to always remain in control over your emotions. While this simple rule may seem easy to follow, it can prove quite a challenge for most riders.

If you hop on your Harley motorcycle after a fight with your girlfriend, you could find yourself riding erratically and dangerously. According to the,
“Your emotional state has a direct effect on your overall mental processing.”
Your mental state can directly affect your ability to drive carefully and make sound choices. If you let your emotions cloud your judgment, you could end up suffering a serious and catastrophic New York motorcycling accident.
Unfortunately, leaving your emotions at the door is often impossible. According to, a 21 year old Oakfield, New York man was killed when he crashed his motorcycle just minutes after he left the funeral of a dear friend in western New York. The distraught New York motorcyclist was speeding when he attempted to pass a van that was making a left turn. He collided with the van, was ejected from the motorcycle, and pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital in Batavia, New York.
Before you ride, make sure you are able to maintain control over your emotions. If you are distraught, angry, or uneasy, consider calling a cab or taking another form of transportation if it is available. As a New York motorcyclist, you need 100% of your attention on the roadway—don’t jeopardize your future and your safety. If you are upset—don’t ride!
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