New York motorcycle accident attorneyNew York motorcyclists face risks every time they get on their bikes—especially when driving in the early morning hours. According to the New York Times, those risks may also include deadly hit and run accidents.
On January 10th, Dwan Gonzalez was riding his Harley-Davidson eastbound on the Long Island Expressway, near Junction Boulevard, when he was hit by a Freeport man who was driving intoxicated. The driver immediately fled the scene of the accident, and the motorcyclist subsequently died. Officers later found the driver, arrested him, and charged him with driving while intoxicated, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving with a suspended license. It is likely that a charge for vehicular manslaughter will follow due to the New York motorcyclist’s death.
Unfortunately, New York hit and run accidents are all too common. Drivers who may be driving drunk, driving without a license, or who are simply scared may leave the scene of an accident immediately after it occurs. When that accident involves a motorcyclist with serious and often fatal injuries, the likelihood of a hit and run accident increases. No matter what their reasons may be, leaving the scene of a motorcycle accident (even if no one is injured) is a crime.
Why do you need a New York Motorcycle accident Attorney? New York motorcyclists who are injured by a hit and run driver may face a tough and uncertain road. Many insurance policies are reluctant to pay medical expenses after a hit and run accident and may deliberately stall or deny claims in an attempt to reduce their liabilities. So while you are focusing on your recovery, medical bills and rehabilitation expenses may be increasing. When this occurs, it is critical that you have aggressive and experienced legal representation.
A New York motorcycle accident attorney can negotiate with your insurance companies to ensure that all of your medical needs are covered—both now and in the future. In addition, your motorcycle accident attorney will make sure the hit and run driver is  held accountable for the injuries and damages his or her negligence has caused.
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