Russ Brown is a no recovery, no fee motorcycle lawyer team with a 98% success rate. We fight for every case as if we’re fighting for ourselves –and we win. We’re riders too. We offer a free consultation right off the bat and we’ll start working on your case right away. So really, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Lawyers Who Get The Motorcycle Culture

At Russ Brown, we are attorneys with a history of riding, and our entire practice is dedicated to riders. We know the joys and thrills of life on two wheels, and can empathize with the bias and issues motorcyclists face. Our founding attorney, Russ Brown, has had a lifelong passion for riding which led him to help fellow bikers who were being taken advantage of in motorcycle injury cases.  As his attention to bikers’ rights propelled him into the limelight, he quickly became known as the top motorcycle attorney in California, then the U.S. His efforts built our no recovery, no fee motorcycle lawyer firm dedicated 100 % to serving riders’ needs.

Beating Insurance Company Hurdles

The insurance company’s goal is to get you the lowest settlement possible. Your no recovery, no fee motorcycle lawyer team’s makes job is to counter their moves and make sure you receive the highest compensation possible. At Russ Brown, we know everything there is to know about motorcycle cases.

Typically, insurance companies have specific tactics that can work against you. Their claims adjusters will try to rush you to close your case quickly and undervalue it, so that you settle on a lower dollar amount. Then, they’ll minimize your case and try to wear you down, throwing up hurdles to prevent a conclusion; hoping you give up and accept their low offer out of frustration.

We are no recovery, no fee motorcycle lawyers, experienced at fighting these tactics and protecting the best interests of our clients. We have a proven track record of maximizing riders’ recovery, while securing a fair and adequate settlement or judgment for the painful losses an accident could cost you.

Our High Success Rate

Russ Brown’s 98% success rate is unparalleled. Our no recovery, no fee motorcycle lawyer firm has a reputation for winning difficult cases. We have the experience and resources to take on cases that other lawyers have turned down. In the last few decades, we’ve earned the respect of our adversaries with our relentless efforts to get the maximum possible recovery.  We’ve won hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients, and we’re eager to help you win the settlement you deserve.

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® care about the riders we represent.  Our no recovery, no fee motorcycle lawyer team of professionals has your best interests in mind. Even if ultimately you do not require a lawyer for your individual case, the free legal advice we provide can help guide you towards a fair settlement.  Call us today at 800-424-5377 to discuss your case.