Ohio motorcycle accident attorneysMotorcyclists injured in Ohio motorcycle accidents could soon receive a little extra help from young drivers. According to WTAM in Cleveland, young drivers may soon be required to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as a new licensing requirement here in Ohio.
Under a new law being drafted by State Representative Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City), Ohio teenagers would be required to learn CPR before receiving their drivers’ licenses. The idea is that drivers should be trained to perform CPR and other basic first aid at the scene of a car or motorcycle accident, as a means of saving lives—even before first responders arrive on the scene.
Rep. Grossman’s own 28-year-old son helped this new law take shape. According to reports, Grossman’s son happened upon the scene of an Ohio motorcycle accident in Hocking Hills and provided emergency aid to an injured motorcyclist who had lost her leg, thereby saving the motorcyclist’s life.
CPR and other basic first-aid measures should be taught to all new drivers in Ohio and elsewhere. Such training should include foundational principles, such as not moving head-injury and back-injury victims, not removing an injured motorcyclist’s helmet if possible, and methods for stopping blood loss and preventing shock.
If the new legislation is passed, and competence in basic first aid is required of all newly-licensed Ohio drivers, it is likely that serious injuries and deaths from motorcycle accidents will be reduced.
An Ohio Motorcycle Attorney Can Help
When serious Ohio motorcycle accidents occur, it is important to consult with an Ohio motorcycle lawyer immediately. An experienced Ohio motorcycle attorney can review the circumstances of your accident, discuss your legal options with you, and work to win the relief to which you and your family are entitled.
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