Ohio motorcycle accident attorneysWearing a Helmet Reduces the Risk of Sustaining Cervical Spinal Cord Injuries: Ohio Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
Currently, the State of Ohio does not require all motorcyclists to wear a helmet. While universal helmet laws may not be popular with many motorcyclists, there is little doubt that they do save lives. In addition to preventing motorcycling deaths, wearing a motorcycle helmet also decreases the likelihood of sustaining a serious and life-changing head injury.
Now, recent analysis has discovered that wearing a helmet may in fact reduce the risk of enduring another catastrophic injury. Ohio motorcycle riders who wear a helmet are less likely to sustain a cervical spinal cord injury after a collision. In fact, wearing a helmet reduced the odds of an injury to the cervical spine by 22%. Yet despite these facts, only about 20 states have universal helmet laws in place.
While Ohio laws may not require motorcyclists to wear a helmet, all riders should. Cervical spinal cord injuries can lead to a lifetime of paralysis if the spinal cord is severed. Victims of a spinal cord injury will undoubtedly require years of surgeries, rehabilitation, and long-term care. In addition, if the injury is permanent, the injured motorcyclist will require specialized handicapped equipment and home modifications.

Ohio Motorcycle Attorneys
Specializing in Spinal Cord Injuries
If you or someone you love is injured in a motorcycle accident in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, or anywhere in the State of Ohio, it is important to contact an experienced Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer. If your injuries include an injury to the spinal cord, then it is imperative that you obtain a lawyer immediately. Insurance companies usually offer spinal cord injury victims a quick settlement in the hopes of limiting their legal liability and minimizing their losses. Unfortunately, these quick and easy settlements are only a fraction of what spinal cord injury victims truly need. As such, they fail to cover basic medical expenses, lost wages, long-term care, and specialized equipment.
Don’t face a spinal cord injury alone. Contact a veteran Ohio motorcycle attorney at 1-800-4-BIKERS today. Our attorneys understand motorcyclists because we ARE motorcyclists.

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