Russ Brown Motorcycle Lawyer: Motorcyclists Urged to Ride Cautiously on Ohio Roadways by Ohio Motorcycle Accident Lawyers.

Motorcyclists who ride on Ohio roadways are usually cautious of other drivers—and for good reason. Other drivers often fail to see Ohio motorcyclists and can cause serious and often fatal Ohio motorcycle accidents. However, other motorists are not the only ones to blame for many of Ohio’s catastrophic motorcycling accidents. It seems that Ohio wildlife can be just as dangerous.

Native Ohio Wildlife (we are not referring to bikers here)

According to, on July 30th, an Ohio motorcyclist was critically injured when he hit a deer with his motorcycle. The accident occurred near DeGraff on County Road 31 and caused the motorcyclist to be ejected from his Harley-Davidson. He is reported to be in critical condition after the accident.
Motorcyclists who choose to ride on rural Ohio roadways need to be especially careful of wildlife in the area. Deer, possums, and raccoons can all wander into the roadway, causing the motorcyclist to swerve and collide with another vehicle, tree, or other stationary object.
Yet Ohio wildlife does not strictly inhabit rural Ohio roadways. According to the Rapid City Journal, just earlier this month, an Ohio couple crashed their 2009 Harley-Davidson motorcycle into a deer on Mount Rushmore Road, well within the city limits. Luckily, the couple only received minor injuries from their encounter with the deer.
No matter where you ride your motorcycle in Ohio, it is important to ride cautiously and carefully. While it is natural to pay close attention to other motorists who share the roadways with you, it is equally important to pay attention to other factors that may cause serious Ohio motorcycling accidents. When visibility is poor, during bad weather or especially at night, motorcyclists may be caught off guard by animals who have wandered too close to the roadway.
Want an easy and safe way to help avoid some of these horrific accidents? Mount a deer whistle to the front of your motorcycle before you head out for a drive.
If you or someone you love is injured in an Ohio motorcycling accident, it is important to find an Ohio motorcycle accident attorney who understands the intricacies associated with all types of motorcycle accidents.
The latest motorcycle vs deer news.
1 Dead 1 Hurt in Motorcycle Accident., This was July 30th, Marysville, Ohio.  The first wreck happened on County Road 31 in Logan County at about 5:30 a.m and one hour later on state Route 245 in Union County.
A Marietta man was injured after his motorcycle collided with a deer on Ohio 7 about a mile north of Reno Monday June 7 in the Maritta, OH area. And on April 30 another biker was killed when he struck a deer in the Cleveland Ohio area.

An Ohio Department of Transportation safety study released in October noted a total of 24,582 deer-vehicle crashes occurred in Ohio in 2008, resulting in six people who were killed or injured.  It is probably a given that those 6 were, more then likely, motorcyclists.

A few weeks ago we blogged on the importance of making sure you are protected by your insurance company for motorcycle vs deer accidents.  These can be considered acts of God so you need to make sure you talk to your insurance company about your coverage.
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