On Monday an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper was sentenced for his part in an August collision with motorcyclists.
Trooper Jacob Daymon appeared in the Xenia Municipal Court before Judge Michael Murry and was admonished before his sentencing. The judge informed Daymon that he found his behavior “reckless given there were no adverse weather conditions” and that he had been driving on a rural stretch of highway to avoid traffic.
The trooper apologized to the victims before his sentence was announced; however, they were not in court to witness it.
Daymon was sentenced to a fine of $150 plus related court costs on a misdemeanor charge of failing to maintain “assured clear distance”. Additionally, his driver’s license was suspended for six months but his attorney stated that the judge will make an allowance so that the trooper may continue his job.
According to the crash report issued by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Daymon was using a computer in his car and speeding when he came upon the motorcyclists Corey and Amy Waldman and collided into them from behind.

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