Motorcycle Lawyers Los AngelesSociety is well aware of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, however, we don’t hear nearly enough about the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs. According to the NHTSA’s 2007 National Roadside Survey, over 16% of nighttime, weekend drivers tested positive to driving while under the influence of illegal, over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Illegal drugs, as well as prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs, can cause seriously impair a driver’s reaction time, leading to serious and often deadly Los Angeles motorcycle accidents.
Californians who are taking prescription drugs—such as pain killers and muscle relaxers—are always advised not to drive or operate heavy machinery while currently taking their medication. Unfortunately, many of them do not heed this warning. Every day, Los Angeles drivers who are under the influence of drugs put themselves and everyone around them at risk—especially Los Angeles motorcyclists.
Drugs have the ability to alter the perception, balance, reaction time, and coordination of individuals. To make matters worse, each person reacts differently to each drug, and each person has individual tolerances which can affect their ability to drive safely. What may seem like a harmless over-the-counter medication can leave drivers suddenly unprepared in an emergency situation, causing serious and often deadly motorcycle accidents.
Some of the More Commonly Abused Drugs are:
· Marijuana
· Cocaine or Heroin
· Speed
· Ecstasy
· Pain Killers
· Muscle Relaxants
· Barbiturates
· LSD or other psychotropic drugs
· Over the Counter Drugs such as NyQuil or Benadryl

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In more recent years, California lawmakers and police authorities have shifted their attention to drivers who are caught driving under the influence of drugs. Unfortunately, even though this problem continues to escalate, it can still be very difficult to prove that someone was “driving under the influence of drugs”. While a driver who is suspected of drinking and driving can be administered a simple breathalyzer, a California motorist who is suspected of driving under the influence of drugs must either submit a blood or urine test. To further complicate matters, researchers and scientists are still unable to compare the amount of drug to the amount of impairment caused and factor in individual tolerances to these drugs.
If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident with an impaired driver in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose or anywhere in the State of California, it is important to contact a California motorcycle accident attorney immediately. Your attorney will need to aggressively investigate your case to determine if the other driver’s negligence contributed to or caused your motorcycle accident. In addition, your California motorcycle attorney will be able to work efficiently with police officials, medical personnel, and insurance companies to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.
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