Ozzy Rocks The House At The Buffalo Chip Sturgis Biker RallySome things never change, but when you talk about the live music at the Buffalo Chip, well they only get better every year and this year was no exception with Ozzy Osbourne. “To millions of people worldwide, Ozzy is THE legend. Hundreds of bands name him as their primary influence. And now thousands of bikers will have the opportunity to see him as nobody else ever has – at the Legendary Buffalo Chip,” reads the campground’s official press release.

Ozzy Osbourne has openly admitted he’s done a few things he regrets — something that isn’t surprising for a man whose former drinking habit took on legendary proportions. He lived up to the image of being the “Prince of Darkness” through infamous incidents such as his decapitation of a bat with his own teeth during a concert in Des Moines, Iowa.

More recently, Osbourne has come to wish he hadn’t made statements to USA Today in 2008 that he would make two more albums and retire.

Ozzy was in rare form as he took the stage, for those at the buffalo chip who had never seen Ozzy live well i am sure he made lots of new fans. After doing a few songs from older Ozzy albums, the crowd was driven into a frenzy with the familiar rifts of "Fairies wear Boots" from the Black Sabbath days.

While the music was pure Ozzy, the sound quality was a total disappointment, with the volume levels becoming very erratic, and at times almost unbearable….was some one asleep at the wheel or maybe had one too many beers? what ever it was it was clear to me that the Buffalo Chip needs to examine what the problem was and fix it fast, well if they want to draw bigger musical acts next year.

Osbourne certainly isn’t acting like someone who wants to exit stage left any time soon. He has released a new CD, “Scream,” and is about to start what promises to be an ambitious and extended round of touring, including an appearance at the Sturgis rally.

Osbourne – who has now lived 21 years beyond 40 – sounds like he has lots of life left in him on “Scream.” He sings with considerable vigor (particularly on songs like “Let Me Hear You Scream” and “I Want It More”). The music, meanwhile, is solid, as on songs like “Soul Sucker” and “Latimer’s Mercy.” The CD brings back some of the familiar thick riffs that were a trademark of Osbourne’s longtime band, Black Sabbath, as well as plenty of songs (such as “Let It Die” and “I Want It More”) that sound more like the melodic metal of Osbourne’s solo albums.

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