What do you buy for that motorcycle enthusiast  that has everything and is hard to buy for? How about a flying motorcycle? Then the Hammacher-Schlemmer PAL-V, or Helicycle, would make the ideal gift for them—all they’ll need is a sport pilot’s license to enjoy this ingenuous new demonstration of technology.

The entirely street legal Helicycle blends the worlds of road travel and air travel. The wonderfully innovative machine is basically a two seat, three wheeled vehicle that features a four cylinder, 230 horsepower engine that propels the craft to a top speed of 112 mph—on the road or in the air. On board are dual rudders, propeller and rotor which can deploy in only ten minutes, converting the road vehicle to a flying transportation vehicle. Reminiscent of something out of a Transformers movie this little baby can be pretty handy if there is a traffic jam reported on the morning radio.

Though the shape of the Helicycle closely resembles that of a helicopter, its handles more like an ultralight plane. The overhead rotors spin rapidly providing the lift, while the propeller provides the forward motion of the craft while in the air. Being made from extremely light, yet durable materials like carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum, the “autogyro” can take off and land with minimal runway needs.  Now, don’t expect be flying with the commercial jets just yet, as the Helicycle’s maximum ceiling is limited  to below 4000 feet. But, the fuel efficient lightweight vehicle can go pretty far on a tank of gas—the 27 gallon tank allows you to tackle a 220 mile range while airborne or a 750 mile range by land, making it “ideal for day trips from the Hamptons to Martha’s Vineyard” says Hammacher-Schlemmer.

With a list price of $295,000, it’s not exactly the most affordable vehicle on the market. But, if you have the means, it could make the coolest gift given on Christmas. To order, just contact Hammacher-Schlemmer through the website.

Watch the Pal-V in action here…

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