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There are few injuries as catastrophic and life changing as a spinal cord injury. These injuries completely alter a victim’s entire life, requiring major modifications in order to perform even simple activities. Since getting out of bed in the morning, making dinner, and even showering often seem like daunting tasks, getting back on your motorcycle after a serious spinal cord injury seems downright impossible.
Yet for a Walworth, New York man, getting a chance to ride his motorcycle again is becoming a reality, thanks to a neighbor. Vaughn Pemroke had just one dream before his catastrophic motorcycle accident—to ride across country on his motorcycle. In 2010, however, all that changed when he was severely injured in a dust storm accident in Utah. The crash left him with a T-4 spinal cord injury which paralyzed Pemroke from the chest down. Luckily, he was still able to use his hands and arms, which is a huge blessing for a paralyzed individual.
Even after his motorcycle accident, his dream to ride across the country never left him, so he purchased a specially-equipped motorcycle in the hopes of riding again. Yet one hurdle remained that he could not work around. It was impossible for him to get on board his motorcycle and stay sitting without the use of his legs and abdomen—and that’s where his friend and neighbor Gregory Hartman stepped in.
Hartman made a frame with an electric tongue jack from a camping trailer that would hoist the wheelchair up and over the bike before locking the wheelchair in place. This ingenious invention gave Pembroke back his freedom and his ability to ride his motorcycle again—something he never thought would happen. Now, the two aim to help other paralyzed individuals ride again.

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