Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Is there a difference between performance eyewear and sunglasses?

All motorcyclists know the importance of eye protection –  a must have in protective gear and a crucial component to being safe on the road.  Staggering figures of motorcycle related accidents so easily could have been different if the rider and/or passenger had made a better choice.
Lets separate the term “sunglasses” and “performance eyewear” into two different worlds and let’s understand why.
Sunglasses…sure you can pick them up at the mall, the gas station and various outlets and I’m sure you can find a fashionable pair that you look good in. A perfect accessory for cagers and posers who don’t ride.
Motorcyclists need eye protection and that’s a fact and you won’t get it from sunglasses you’ll get it from “performance eyewear” which is a completely different.
I went to the top leader in the biz with an optical background. The important foundation you’re not going to find browsing the fashion aisle of your local spec store. When looking for ride gear, function is always at the top of the list. Does it work? Does it protect? Does it serve a purpose for you as a rider? Jacket, helmet, boots and eyewear… does your ride gear offer you something that enhances your journey on the road?
Carving a road all their own is performance eyewear, industry leader, 7eye by Panoptx. With a solid optical background that includes ophthalmologists, optometrists and optometry-based development 7eye blends the technological advance optical world perfectly with innovative materials for lenses and frames with the need of motorcyclist.
The “7” in the name 7eye refers to the seven visible spectrums of light. Features, elements and materials are tested under stringent controls and in meeting demands for safety and performance in both optical and transportation regulations.
I’m always thrilled to see commitment from a company that understands motorcyclists. The features and benefits of top of the line product deliver so much more than the standard protection from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can damage skin and harm the lens and cornea of the eyes. Performance eyewear plays a vital role in shielding motorcyclist from issues that directly affect your safety. To learn more about ride gear that protects your eyes visit:
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Brenda Fox
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®