Police Release Name of Andover Massachusetts Motorcyclist who was killed TuesdayAndover, Ma motorcyclist Carrol Sylvanowicz of Beverly Ma was involved in an accident with a full sized pick up on route 114 in Andover, MA Tuesday morning at 11am. Police and emergency medical personnel were dispatched to the scene and transported the motorcycle accident victim to Lawrence General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
The details of the accident are sketchy and the local police released very little information, other than the driver of the pick up truck, whose name hasn’t been released, was taken to the hospital for treatment.
A full accident investigation is ongoing by the North Andover police.
Our condolences go out to the family of the motorcyclist and while words can do little to ease the pain and suffering they are forced to endure we wish them the best in this difficult time.
A motorcycle accident can happen at any time and even the most seasoned riders can be caught off guard, and this alone is why every motorcyclist must maintain a proactive stance when on their motorcycle; whether it is for a quick ride to the store or a pleasure run we always need to be looking for the motorist who isn’t looking for us.
I am sure you know the drill, wear protective gear and ride like your life depends on it, cause I am sure you know that it does.
We can’t control what others do while they are on the road but we can take steps to avoid a tragic accident. Always be aware of potential hazards – this can be as simple as noticing the person in the car next to you is texting and may not see you. Keep your headlamps on (even during the day), wear bright clothes, always make sure you signal your driving intentions. Use your horn, stay out of other driver’s blind spots and drive defensively. Ask experienced riders for tips, take a class, know there is always room to improve.
Be Safe!