No Joke: The Japanese Unveil the First Poop-powered Motorcycle
Motorcycle Lawyer Blog; While the Japanese have always been known for inventing some pretty cutting edge contraptions, this one seems to take the cake! It’s hard to believe that any invention could top Japanese Boyfriend pillow and the Duster Slippers, but it is true. Recently, Japan’s leading toilet makers have unveiled an eco-friendly motorcycle that runs on poop. Yep, you read that correctly—POOP.
The three wheeled 250cc motorcycle is powered by the bio-fuel from converted livestock poop and household waste-water pumped in from nearby cities. This poop-powered motorcycle can travel as far as 180 miles on one tank of waste. To top things off and really get attention, each motorcycle comes customized with a toilet seat for riders to ride on and a giant roll of toilet paper! While the toilet seat is more of a promotional gimmick, it does make the 2nd grader that lives in us all snicker just a little.
For now, the company is not planning on selling this motorcycle, but is using it as a way to showcase their environmental efforts to the public. So far, the unique bike has been on a cross country trip around Japan and is getting lots of attention along the way.
While we are not quite ready to ride a commode strapped to a motorcycle, we do applaud the inventors around the world who continue to push the limits of motorcycling. In addition, we love the idea of an eco-friendly bike that runs on alternative fuel and inventions like this one remind us of the many possibilities that may be on the nearby horizon!
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