Pope Francis decides to sell his Harley-Davidson
Pope Francis announced on Sunday that he would be selling off his Harley-Davidson motorcycle after just four short months of ownership.  The Pope is noted for having little attraction to flashy cars and prefers to travel through the crowds in an economical Fiat; he even shuns riding in the Popemobile which was custom designed by Mercedes-Benz and sports a white leather seat bedazzled with gold trim.  Given this history, the Pope’s decision to sell the bike should come as no surprise.
The Pope was presented with the bike in June before an audience of 35,000 attendees who crowded into Vatican City as part of the legendary Motor Company’s 110th anniversary celebration.  The crowds lined their bikes up along the Via della Conciliazione which runs directly into the center of St. Peter’s Square and the Pope bestowed papal blessings upon the motorcycles.
The Pope gave a hint into his thoughts on 1450cc vehicles when he told the crowd that ‘power and pleasure’ lead to God being replaced by ‘fleeting human idols which offer the intoxication of a flash of freedom, but, in the end, bring new forms of slavery and death.’  In fact, also in the month of June, the Pope informed aspiring nuns and priests that they should shun fast cars as it pained him to see ‘a priest with the latest model car.’
On a positive note, the Pope’s motorcycle will be auctioned and the proceeds utilized to refurbish the soup kitchen and hostel run by the Caritas charity in Rome.  “We are extremely grateful to Pope Francis for this,” said Monsignor Enrico Feroci who is the director of the Rome Diocese.
The Pope also two customized Harley-Davidson Road King’s that are used by the Vatican City State police to escort visiting foreign dignitaries; those bikes will not be up for auction.
Pope Francis’s Harley should attract a high price due to its unique history of ownership.
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