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Motorcycle Personal Injury Attorney: You’re sitting at a red light; you are anticipating the light to change before you can even twist the throttle, bam you have been hit from behind and you are down on the ground dazed and injured. When a motorcycle accident like this happens knowing what to do and how to protect your rights can be a confusing time for a motorcyclist. The first thing you should do is remain calm and if you are able call 911 immediately.
If you have been seriously injured then at this point your health and well-being is your primary concern, but as soon as you are able you or a loved one should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you protect your rights in recovering damages from your motorcycle accident.
Motorcycle accidents are almost never open and shut cases, and in case you didn’t know, even in situations where the other driver is clearly at fault his insurance company will more that likely dispute or completely deny your motorcycle injury claim as a way to force you and your personal injury lawyer to settle on their terms, and this one of the most important reasons you should hire an experienced and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer to protect your rights.
Having the right motorcycle accident lawyer is crucial to recovering the maximum damages possible to take care of your medical bills, getting your motorcycle fixed, money form lost wages while you are unable to work and most important your pain and suffering. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer understands the dynamics of motorcycle accidents and the severity of the injuries sustained by their victims and will immediately know how deal with claims adjusters who will try to devalue your case using underhanded tactics.
Your motorcycle accident lawyer will take all of the evidence surrounding your motorcycle accident, police and medical reports and present these to the at fault driver’s insurance company in a light that favors you and your claim, making it clear that should the insurance company not settle on your motorcycle accident lawyers terms and go to trial they would be forced to pay a higher cash award from a judge or jury. Insurance companies won’t gamble on losing more money on an insurance claim they haven’t a chance in winning.
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