California Biker Injury Solicitor California Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers on Street Racing in California.
Despite the dangers, illegal street racing continues to be a popular pastime in California, especially among young drivers and motorcyclists. While it may seem like harmless fun to some bikers, this risky and illegal pastime can have fatal consequences.
In July, a 19-year old California motorcyclist died in an alleged street race accident in Rancho Cordova. According to a report by CBS 13 in Sacramento, the teen victim and a 20-year old motorcyclist crashed into each other while racing. At least 20 other motorcyclists were reported to be in the area of the suspected California motorcycle street race. A News 10 Sacramento article indicates there have been prior street racing incidences in this area with reported speeds as high as 100 miles per hour.
Racing on any type of public road is illegal in California. Penalties for motorcyclists or other drivers caught street racing in California include vehicle impoundment, fines, and jail time. California law allows for stronger penalties against drivers or motorcyclists who injure or kill someone while street racing.
Dangerous street racing has become such a problem in parts of California that local law enforcement agencies have implemented programs to put an end to it. Chula Vista police launched one such program, called “Operation Crackdown,” in April 2009. Chula Vista has reported a decline in street racing since the launch of this program according to a report by CBS 8 in San Diego in July.
Street racing is particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 35% of all fatal motorcycle accidents in 2008 involved speeding. Higher rates of speed make it more difficult to maintain bike control and high impact crashes can lead to serious injuries or death. The risk of motorcycle accidents further increases when motorcyclists are under the influence of alcohol or drugs while racing. Illegal motorcycle street racing is not only hazardous to the racers; motorcycle passengers, drivers of nearby vehicles, and even race spectators can be injured in street race accidents.
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