Reasons You Need A Motorcycle Accident LawyerBeing in the wind and experiencing life from the seat of a motorcycle is truly one of the greatest expressions of freedom bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy, and when they are involved in a motorcycle accident many of them relate that the legal system just doesn’t seem to care about their rights, and insurance companies try to make them appear as if they are greedy, and just another menace on the highways and roads they ride on.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, the obvious reasons you would want an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer representing you are to protect your rights and get you compensation to cover your medical expenses, repairing your motorcycle, and enough money to help you while you recover.

Now lets forget the more obvious reason you need a motorcycle accident lawyer, and explore some of the less obvious reasons.

Sending a message to insurance companies that motorcycle riders and their rights will not be overlooked.
As crazy as it may seem, insurance companies do not look upon bikers as human beings, but rather financial assets or deficits. Your motorcycle insurance policy is just one of thousands and thousands of other policies, and what you represent to your insurance company is a monetary figure that is part of their financial bottom line. As long as you make your monthly premium and do not file any claims, then you are an asset. In the event of a filing a claim, you become a deficit, and depending on the level of your claim, your insurance companies claims adjuster will take one of many positions in either approving or disputing your claim.

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, your insurance company can become an additional ally in fighting with your motorcycle accident lawyer against the at fault party’s insurance company. Many times your lawyer will be able to present your case in a light that will show the insurance company claims adjuster that they would defiantly loose in either arbitration or in front of a jury should they opt to go to court. At this point your motorcycle accident lawyer and the insurance company would negotiate a reasonable and fair settlement that will take care of your medical and financial needs, as well as money for your pain and suffering.

However,  if you were hit by an uninsured motorist, then your insurance company will many times become an aggressor. They know that once your lawyer has filed the appropriate court documents and obtained an uninsured motorist certificate, that your insurance company will now have to bear the brunt of covering your compensation claims. At this point your insurance company will raise questions and objections to all or various points of your injury claim.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer has only one goal; representing you and your rights in getting you adequate compensation for your injuries, to cover your medical costs, getting your motorcycle repaired, and your other financial needs. Every motorcycle injury case is different, and while pursuing your case, your lawyer will be using his skill and experience in civil personal injury law to make sure your rights are protected and you are treated fairly and without prejudice. When motorcycle accident lawyers like the law offices of  Brown, Koro, & Romag take your case, with their long standing in both the legal and motorcycle communities, insurance companies know they are not going to be able to bully or low ball these tough and experienced lawyers and if they know they have a losing case, the insurance company will seek to negotiate quickly.

Putting the law and the legal system to work protecting the rights of motorcycle riders
When your motorcycle accident lawyer is unable to secure an appropriate settlement with an insurance company, the options at this point are to either choose binding arbitration, or simply taking the case to court and presenting the facts and evidence of your case to a jury. At this point, a skilled, experienced and shrewd motorcycle accident lawyer would never take a gamble over a sure thing, because their primary concern is securing a reasonable settlement for your medical expenses, financial needs, and pain and suffering. However, when a lawyer knows he has a strong case with solid evidence and facts to support his claims, he will always choose to make this damaging evidence, and facts part of the public record to force the at fault motorists insurance company to settle on your lawyers terms or face loosing in court, which will mean a substantially larger settlement.

In situations where there are conflicting police reports, or witness testimony that has been proven false, or inaccurate by your motorcycle accident lawyers investigation, these facts are now burdens to the insurance company. Your lawyer will use this damaging evidence, or irrefutable testimony to expose the weakness and lack of supporting facts of the insurance company’s case. The legal system was designed to protect the innocent and those wrongly accused, and when the penalties of losing a civil court case are measured in large cash settlements awarded by juries, insurance companies faced with these facts will be forced to settle on your lawyer terms!

Motorcycle accident lawyers know that having solid facts and evidence to support their clients claims is paramount to winning reasonable settlements, and even though many motorcycle injury claims are not easy open and shut victories, the experience and knowledge of a seasoned personal injury lawyer will have the power of the legal system and in depth experience that can gather evidence, facts, and information that is many times overlooked by insurance adjusters, and when the insurance company knows they can’t win, they will always seek to negotiate on the terms of your motorcycle accident lawyer.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you need an experienced, and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer who will fight for rights to get you compensation to cover your medical bills, repair your motorcycle and your pain and suffering. Call 1-800-4-BIKERS Today or visit Visit! Since 1975 the law offices of Brown, Koro, & Romag have been winning millions upon millions of dollars in claims for motorcyclists.