New York Motorcycle Accident“Jessie’s Girl” Recovering from Shoulder Injury after  Motorcycle Accident: New York, NY 2011

Rock star and soap opera sensation, Rick Springfield, is struggling through a painful recovery after a motorcycle accident left him with a torn rotator cuff. The singer appeared on The Talk recently to discuss his recent surgery and explain how the accident has forced him to take a break from music. According to Springfield, the injury “hurts so much, it’s so painful”.

Motorcycle accidents in New York and across the United States often get publicity when someone is seriously injured or killed. What is not discussed; however, are the seemingly minor injuries that can derail a person’s life and lead to chronic disability and pain.

Immediately after a motorcycle accident, victims often feel a sense of relief if they are able to walk away with minor injuries. While this is certainly a blessing, it can also be misleading. Minor injuries, such as road rash, soft tissue injuries, and broken bones can often lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering—especially if left untreated.

A rotator cuff injury, for example, can lead to chronic pain and limited mobility. This can cause an early onset of arthritis in the shoulder joint, which may require more invasive treatment, such as a partial or complete shoulder replacement. Even if your rotator cuff injury or soft tissue injury is not severe, complications can arise during treatment which may require you to be hospitalized or in extensive physical therapy after the accident. In addition, rotator cuff injuries often prevent a motorcycle accident victim from working and enjoying their hobbies until their recovery is complete.

Unfortunately, many New York motorcycle accident victims have already reached a settlement with their insurance companies when their injuries worsen. As a result, many of them receive a settlement that is only a fraction of what they now need—and deserve. Before you sign any documents or reach an agreement with an insurance company, it is in your best interest to discuss your injuries and your accident with an experienced New York motorcycle accident lawyer. Even if you believe your injuries to be minor, an attorney can review your case and obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries—and for any treatment that may be required in the future. It is imperative to get advice from a New York Biker Lawyer and our motorcycle accident lawyers in New York know the law!

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