colorado motorcycle training abateRuss Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: ABATE Training Returning to Colorado

Motorcycle training under ABATE’s banner is returning in the state of Colorado.  In co-operation with local EMS services, ABATE is offering a variety of classes aimed at both beginner and intermediate motorcycle riders to help educate them on what it means to be a safer rider—elevating their mental and physical riding skills.

Funded in part by both ABATE and the local EMS branch, the total cost of the program is $99—half of the actual cost for the first 18 students.  The three training sessions will each take place over two days, with a total of 6 students accepted for each class.  Classes are approximately 8 hours total, adding up to a grand total of 16 hours of safety instruction for each participant.

Held at the Sterling Municipal Airport, or as it is locally known, Crosson Field, riders will have the chance to learn the nuances of motorcycle riding.  By offering a blend of in class and on track education, each rider will most assuredly improve their skills as a rider and boost their confidence when riding a bike.

The beginner level classes are open to all riding skill levels—ABATE believes that riders of any skill echelon will be able to learn and garner knowledge from these courses.  ABATE will even provide the bikes and helmets if necessary.  There will be three sets of the two day beginner classes, the first to be held on May 11th and 12th.  The second will be about a month later on June 22nd and 23rd, and the third following suit on July 13th and 14th.motorcycle lawyer accident injury denver colorado

The two intermediate classes are designed for those who have riding experience and are confident in their abilities.  ABATE recommends to only take this course if you have zero doubt about your control over your bike as the class is designed to test your limits to prepare you for the toughest tests the road can put in front of you.  This particular course is offered on two days with day one offering license training and day two with no license training.  The license test is included in the fee and that class is being held on April 27th at 9am with the non-license training the next day at the same time.

If you are interested you are urged not to delay in registration as there are a very limited amount of spots available for this great learning experience.  To register, check out to find out all the details, and if you have questions send an e-mail to Bob Owens at to learn more.  Take advantage of this great opportunity to enhance your abilities as a rider for the upcoming season to stay safe on the roads!

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