Riding hard doesn't always include riding safeThere is an almost unwritten rule that commands bikers to standout in the crowd when they are riding with their bro’s, cruising that favorite spot, or when on a run to a local biker event. We love to rev our engines, and burn rubber, cause we want to show some class!

For the most part, a little good natured showing off is cool, but sometimes it can get out of hand, and if alcohol is involved, even the best intentions often times end up bad. That is not to say that bikers in general are beer pounding reckless riders! But sometimes things happen, but when we consider the reason why we are bikers, then we automatically know that respect is part of who we are, and we give the respect we receive, so it is all good as long as we don’t cross that line when we are having fun.

In other situations, especially when riding in traffic, we tend to think that people always see us just because our engines are louder than a car or truck, but the reality is because we are not as big as a car or truck we are often times over looked by driver who are concentrating on other things, such as traffic conditions, and sometimes there are drivers who are just looking straight ahead and don’t have a clue who is behind, or to the side of them. These kinds of drivers are dangerous and because it is next to impossible to identify them, we need to ride proactively, with a balance of offensive and defensive skills.

Line or lane splitting, while legal in California and other States is highly dangerous. A car or truck that is in a hurry to change lanes could equal an ugly and painful accident, or at the least damaging your bike, and what about the driver who swerves to avoid hitting another car? That driver won’t even see you, until it is too late, and the aftermath could be even worse than wrecking your bike, or hurting yourself. There many motorcycle fatalities that happen every year from lane splitting, so it is really worth it to gain that extra car length or 2 in traffic?

Everything we do matters when we ride in heavily populated public streets. The drivers around us should be considered as deadly moving obstacles and even if they are not aware of us, as motorcycle riders we need to make sure we are aware of them and every other vehicle in our general proximity. Riding safety is about protecting yourself and those around us, and lets not forget our occasional passenger. More times than not, the passenger on the back of a bike is injured worse than the rider is. The reason we choose to ride safely is so that can enjoy our love of motorcycle riding and live to ride again, pure and simple!

The way we carry ourselves on the road, helps us set the example to our children, friends and loved ones and part giving respect to our brothers and those close to us also includes an occasional "Pull up". The freedom of riding and being in wind isn’t just a right, but a freedom that sometimes carries a stigma of a negative quality along with it, and when ride like we care, we not only give the respect we expect, we are also helping to shed that negative stereotype that bikers have been cast in for quite a long time!

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