Motorcycle Attorney Blog; Sue started riding at 40 mentioning, “It seemed as good as time as any to learn.” Now with two bikes and plenty of road miles, read on as she shares her story.
Name: Sue Macnab
Location: Perth, Scotland, UK
Occupation: Upholsterer
Currently rides: Kawasaki ZZR 600. Yamaha Dragstar custom 1100
When did you start riding a motorcycle? 2001, my husband bought me a motorcycle and lessons for my 40th birthday.
What got you involved in motorcycles and how did you start? Always loved motorbikes, I had been brought up with my brother riding bikes as did many of my friends. It had always been on my ‘to do’ list and turning 40 seemed as good enough time as any.
How has riding motorcycles impacted your life? My husband has been in the army for all of our time together but recently we’ve lived off base. Riding bikes has provided us with the same type of family and brother/sisterhood that you get when in the forces. We have made so many friends and gone on holiday with complete strangers just because we were all on 2 wheels. Our social life hardly includes anyone that is not a biker. We now represent the Royal British Legion Scotland Riders Branch with our own charity Voices for Veterans and spend most of our weekends on 2 wheels fundraising.
What has been your biggest challenge with riding a motorcycle? Finding a bike that suits my short little legs.
What do you like most about your model motorcycle? I have only owned my latest bike the Dragstar for 2 weeks, but already she has transformed my riding. With the weight being lower I find cornering so much easier and she swoops round the twisties.
What modifications have you made to your bike? So far had heated grips fitted, removed the pillion seat, and ordered a screen and a luggage rack. Also had fittings put in so I can wear a heated vest.
When you’re not riding motorcycles what are you other interest? Upholstery, antiques, walking the dogs, soccer and socializing with the other bikers.
What advice do you have for other women riders? Find a bike that suits you, get it lowered if needs be. Find like-minded riders be they male or female; no one progresses if they are made to ride out of their comfort zone too quickly. Women are more self-critical I find so I say don’t beat yourself up if at first you don’t succeed. It’s ok to to take your time – you don’t have to be a speed merchant. Keep away from prejudice from where ever or whomever it may come from.
Your height? 5’ 3
What is your weather like year round? It’s Scotland, one day of warm weather, summer of rain, winter of snow.
How is riding therapy for you? Can you hear the phone? No. Is the family making demands? No.  Clients bothering you? No. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, friends – some you didn’t even know you had, camaraderie and a smile from ear to ear, yes even in torrential rain.
Get out on two wheels. Meet some friends you didn’t know you had.
Ride ON!
Brenda Fox

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