Motorcycles! The best gift you can give yourself!  Sometimes on one of those “significant birthdays”  (you know the ones. They end in a “0” zero) can hit us harder than others. I’m often approached when out on my bike by women who tell me that you would love to learn to ride, yet life always seems to get in the way.
Wendy Richmond of Clover, SC was sharing with me the joy of riding her Harley Davidson Super Low Sporty. She said, “When I was young I thought 50 was old, but now that I am 50-something and having the freedom of owning my own Harley  is one of the best experiences a woman could ever have.”
Wendy’s a dynamo gal who’s been riding a few years after completing a riding course she took back when she turned 50. Enrolling in the course as a birthday present to herself, she found riding taught her a new found freedom. She met new friends, gained confidence and a sense of independence she had never felt before.  After the first year of putting miles on her bike, she started making some adjustments. Found a windshield that she could see fine with, put on some highway pegs, a bike rack and safety lights.
She overcame riding challenges and still pays attention when needing to maneuver a tight turn or whip a quick u-turn. Riding with her dad, her brother, others and alone, she gets out often and feels free as she throttles thru the roads of the Carolina’s.
Wendy found giving herself the gift of riding for her birthday has been so much more than just getting a motorcycle.
I think the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of adventure, the gift of the open road, and the freedom that we find when we get out and ride.
I view motorcycles as the gift that keeps on giving.
Give yourself the gift – you’re worth it!

Ride ON!
Brenda Fox
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