Motorcycle Lawyer, Los Angeles, CaliforniaThis recent news article is a chilling reminder of the dangers we face every day as motorcycle riders. While the investigation is not yet complete, road debris – in this case a discarded mattress – is believed to have played a role in the fatal Los Angeles motorcycle accident. That the Los Angeles motorcycle accident involved a truck is no surprise, since trucks represent a disproportionately high source of fatal bike accidents. Our team of Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys helps riders with cases like these every day.
Los Angeles’ Harbor Freeway (Interstate 110) is a notorious hazard for motorcyclists. It is heavily trafficked by cargo trailer trucks, many of which are dangerously overloaded and driven by inexperienced, under-qualified, and fatigued drivers. Road hazards are abundant from material dropped by these trucks and debris scattered by previous accidents. At freeway speeds it doesn’t take an obstacle as large as a mattress to cause a problem – a stray hubcap, scattering of shattered glass, or fragment from a blown tire can all result in fatal Los Angeles motorcycle accidents.
 On dangerous freeways like the 110, California motorcyclists should take extra care:

  • Watch carefully for changing road conditions.
  • Take extra care and note road debris.
  • Give large trucks extra room.
  • Expect the unexpected and always have a plan to respond quickly.

As motorcycle riders, we face dangers every day from poor road conditions and negligent drivers.  Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® are here to assist bikers who have been in an accident and suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident.
If you have been involved in a Los Angeles motorcycle accident, we can defend your rights to compensation for medical expenses, long-term physical therapy, lost wages, pain & suffering, and more. Call us today at 1-800-4 BIKERS to schedule a free consultation.

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