An adrenaline pumping race down a Brazilian highway between an Audi R8 V10 and two motorcycles with speeds reaching up 160 mph was all caught on video.

The driver remains anonymous as do the riders of the Suzuki GSXR 1,000 and a Kawasaki Ninja ZX 10R. Brazilian motorbike riders frequently embark on “lane splitting” when commuting or stuck in traffic. This situation is note legal in Brazil but due to traffic congestion in the major urban cities like Sao Paulo, authorities tend to turn a blind eye to the “motor boys”.

The video clearly shows that the driver was feeling his oats as he tore down the tarmac mere inches off the motorcycles; he chose not to ease up – but then, neither did the motorcycle riders.

“Watching this video is definitely intense,” says Motorcycle riding instructor Abby Clabough of Colorado. Only go as fast as your guardian angel can fly! I find it amusing that the passenger is worried that the motorcycles will wreck if the car “pushes” them to go faster. It’s all about choice.

Global feedback on the race has been very passionate on both the pro and con side including some of these gems:

WTFRU Thinking 1986: “Well for anyone saying this is not safe, well, no kidding! But when you are doing 170+ on the highway, OMFG it’s better than sex.”

Rodnei Rodrigues: “This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen. They are putting people all around them in danger.”

Ignacio Guerin: “He must be breaking the laws about speed & security, but sometimes you must enjoy life and put some adrenaline on it! Or what could be the reason of buying an Audi R8 and not pushing it to the max? I think this Brazilian dude is awesome and with this car and all the safety things it have, sometimes is not bad doing this!

It should be noted that the Audi R8 V10 is not stock and actually has several upgrades, including an ECU tune, exhaust and filter that help with the horsepower.

Even though the original language has some saucy words spoken, most viewers should be able to listen to it with few problems.

Watch the video and let us know how many times your heart stopped. What do you think of racing like this?

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