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I have attended Rolling Thunder®, Inc’s Ride For Freedom for five years now and have an ever growing respect and appreciation for what Rolling Thunder®, Inc. does for our troops – past and present.  I was shocked when reading some of the comments people have posted in regards to the demonstration that takes place in Washington, DC every Memorial Day Weekend.  Most of the comments are in wonderful support of this great cause but some were, in my opinion, cold hearted and based on pure ignorance. One went as far as to say the event is an excuse for people to get drunk and act like idiots. If this moron took the time to look into the organization they would see what Rolling Thunder®, Inc works hard on all year round. And who they are working hard for. Our troops! Our Military men and women who are not getting the medical attention they need, the troops that may lose their homes to foreclosure, etc etc etc. And lets not forget we currently have a POW. Sgt Bowe Robert Bergdahl, who is being held by the Taliban since his capture in June 2009 and recent POW’s and MIA’s whom Rolling Thunder®, Inc have fought for.

Rolling Thunder®, Inc – Much More Then A Motorcycle Ride

Jessica Lynch, Prisoner of War
When Jessica Lynch spoke with an army recruiter in the summer of 2000, she was looking for a way to pay for college. She never imagined going to war, but after completing training as a unit supply specialist, her unit, the 507th Maintenance Company from Fort Bliss, Texas, was deployed to Iraq.
On March 23, 2003, the 507th was part of a convoy that was ambushed near Nasiriyah, a major crossing point over the Euphrates River. Lynch was seriously wounded and captured by Iraqi forces. She was in custody some time before being taken to a hospital in Nasiriyah. U.S. forces learned of Lynch’s whereabouts after being tipped off by an Iraqi, later identified as 32-year-old lawyer, Mohammed Odeh al Rehaief. Al Rehaief reportedly brought maps of the hospital and details about security and shift changes to the U.S. military that they used to plan Lynch’s rescue.
On April 1, 2003, U.S. Marines and Members from the Navy SEALs, acting under the command of the U.S. Army, staged a diversionary attack while a nighttime raid was launched. Lynch was successfully rescued from the hospital and transported to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. Lynch underwent three months of specialized treatment and rehabilitation at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. before being honorably discharged on August 27, 2003.
She has since become a mother and has earned her degree in education from West Virginia University at Parkersburg. Lynch’s story is the first ever rescue of a female American POW.
Mohammed Odeh al Rehaief, his wife, and their daughter were granted humanitarian asylum on April 28, 2003.
Persian Gulf War POW/MIA Accountability Act of 2002 (S. 1339)
The Bring Them Home Alive Act of 2000 provides for the granting of refugee status in the United States to nationals of certain foreign countries in which American Vietnam War POW/MIAs or American Korean War POW/MIAs may be present, if those nationals can assist in returning POW/MIAs alive.
This Act was sponsored by Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Colorado). Senator Campbell co-authored the Act with Rolling Thunder®, whose mission is to bring awareness to ongoing POW/MIA issues.
In November, 2001, legislation was signed into law amending the Bring Them Home Alive Act of 2000. The new law extends refugee status in the United States to nationals of Iraq or the greater Middle East region. The pertinence of such legislation was demonstrated by the case of Jessica Lynch and six other POWs returned alive.
Rolling Thunder® and POW/MIA’s
Rolling Thunder® is a non-profit organization that is united in the cause to bring full accountability for the Prisoners of War-Missing In Action of all wars, like Jessica Lynch. They want to help remind the government, the media, and everyone about those soldiers who have been left behind. Their watchwords: “We Will Not Forget”.
I think a lot of people need to be reminded of the fact that we still have troops fighting overseas.  Fighting for our freedoms, including the freedom to express ignorant comments.
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