Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® and Road 2 A Cure

I have met some great people in the motorcycle industry working for Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®. Two of those people I have blogged about in the past are Chris and Jennifer Calaprice. Chris was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2003 and since then has thrown caution in the wind, created the charity Road 2 A Cure and rode across the US on his motorcycle with Jennifer following behind in a big RV to raise cancer awareness.
I met Chris and Jen at the Rock Store in the Los Angeles area (Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® are there every weekend) just before they kicked off their US tour and have been enamoured with them ever since.  Chris Calaprice is a true inspiration.
I am proud to have Chris and Jennifer as friends and now honored to be a director on the Board of Directors for a Road 2 A Cure.
Chris’ announcement:
“Chris Calaprice Co-founder and Director of A Road 2 A Cure, a non-profit charity raising Pancreatic Cancer awareness, announced today the appointing of Audrey Nesbitt, Online Marketing Director and National Marketing Coordinator for Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®, and Kris Giles, co-founder of 4 Kids 2 Kids, as new members to the Board of Directors.”
There is still a lot of work to do!

  • In America, one in three women, and one in two men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.
  • Pancreatic cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer death in the United States. It is the 3rd leading cause of cancer death among 40–59 year old men.
  • Approximately 42,470 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year in the United States and 75% will die from it within the first year. The number of Americans diagnosed each year of pancreatic cancer continues to rise unlike other leading cancers where an investment in early detection has led to a decrease in cancer incidences.
  • For all stages of pancreatic cancer combined, the five year survival rate is only 5%; the lowest survival rate of all major cancers.
  • The average life expectancy after diagnosis with metastatic disease is just 3–6 months. 52% of pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed with metastatic.

 Get involved!

If you have any suggestions as to raising awareness or a great event please let me know.
Thank you Chris for this opportunity!

“We couldn’t be happier with Audrey and Kris coming on board as directors. The Road 2 A Cure continues on with our fight!”
Chris Calaprice, Co-founder and Director, A Road 2 A Cure