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San Diego, CA – Remembering the Fallen—and Supporting the Survivors: An Update on the Horrific Saddletramps Motorcycle Accident
Last November, 4 members of the Saddletramps motorcycle club in Lakeside, California were killed in a horrific accident—and another 6 members were critically injured. The San Diego motorcycle accident occurred seven miles from Ocotillo on State Route 98 when a Honda Civic attempted to pass a dozen motorcyclists. A westbound Dodge Avenger swerved to avoid a head-on collision and collided with some of the motorcyclists. The Dodge driver was arrested on suspicion of intoxication when officers smelled alcohol on his breath after the crash, but he was released later when blood tests came back negative. The Honda Civic driver, however, left the scene of the deadly accident and is considered at large. In addition to the 5 motorcyclists who were killed, the Dodge driver’s wife was also killed when a motorcycle sliced 18 inches into the front passenger door.
Since then, the injured motorcycle accident victims have been trying to recover from multiple injuries that included punctured lungs, broken hips, ribs, and backs, and brain hemorrhages. Yet the road to recovery has been slow and painful for many of the Saddletramps motorcycle club survivors.
In the months that have followed the horrific San Diego motorcycle accident, there have been benefit rides, to help raise money for the victims and their families. In May 2011, there was even a benefit concert held to raise money for the Saddletramps motorcycle club. In particular, the money was raised to help injured rider, Melanie Barns, and the Miller Family. Melanie spent several months in the hospital with brain injuries, and has significant uncovered medical expenses as a result of her head injuries. The Miller family lost their husband and father, Bill Miller, that fatal day. Since then, the family has had to declare bankruptcy and has had difficulty making ends meet with their 4 children.
Recently, the Saddletramps motorcycle club gathered to remember their fallen friends on the anniversary of the fatal accident. There was a memorial ride and a blood drive, and more than 65 units of blood were collected.
Sadly, the driver of the Gold Honda who caused the fatal San Diego motorcycle accident has never been found. Authorities believe that he is in Mexico, although his whereabouts have never been confirmed.
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