San Diego Motorcycle Lawyers: The city of San Diego has agreed to pay a $1.8 million settlement to the family of a prominent corporate executive from El Cajon who was killed in a motorcycle accident in April 2009. The fatal nighttime San Diego motorcycle crash happened at Pacific Highway and Cedar Street, a notoriously-dangerous intersection, when the doomed biker rode his northbound Ducati motorcycle into the pathway of a left-turning vehicle driven by a 17-year-old Los Angeles girl. Although the San Diego motorcyclist swerved in an attempt to avoid the collision, he nevertheless struck the vehicle and died of massive head injuries.
The family’s lawsuit asserted that the city’s negligence caused the San Diego motorcycle wreck because the intersection lacked appropriate “Yield” signage and the traffic signal was confusing. The oncoming driver apparently believed she had the right-of-way, and in turning left, she fatally struck the motorcyclist.
San Diego Motorcycle Attorneys & the need for strong advocacy
San Diego motorcycle attorneys have long advocated for safety reviews of intersections at which motorcycle accidents tend to occur. Although local citizens had long been familiar with the dangers of this particular intersection, only now that a wrongful-death settlement has been reached will the necessary repairs and signage be added to this deadly left turn location. Sadly, in the case at point, it often requires a loss of life to motivate city roadway maintenance authorities into action.
The city of San Diego maintains a considerable legal staff to defend the municipality against lawsuits. With such high stakes, especially during these times of fiscal austerity here in California, it is critically important for California motorcycle accident victims and their families to rely on an experienced California motorcycle lawyer during tough settlement negotiations with negligent parties. All too often families may cave in under the pressure from insurance companies to settle quickly for far less than they deserve.
After the loss or injury of a loved one, a family’s most difficult task may lie in preparing for an uncertain future ahead. If you or a family member has suffered a motorcycle accident anywhere in the San Diego area, regardless of the cause of the wreck, an experienced San Diego motorcycle lawyer can protect your rights, help hold the negligent parties accountable for their actions, and, most importantly, ensure that you and your family receive the long-term financial support to which you are entitled. Call the San Diego motorcycle attorney at 1-800-4-BIKERS to set up your free appointment today.

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