Recovering Damages After a San Francisco Motorcycle Accident; There is no such thing as an open and shut motorcycle accident case; although most people think becoming the victim in a motorcycle accident automatically means the victim should win their insurance claim, receive the maximum damages possible, and that the process is easy – this is not usually the case.
The victim of a serious motorcycle accident has undoubtedly sustained substantial injuries and will require long term medical treatment as well as surgeries and physical therapy. It may take several months and in some cases longer for the motorcycle accident victim to fully recover and this means a substantial financial burden for the victim in covering their medical bills as well as financial losses while unable to work.
In any case, one of the best things an injured accident victim should do is hire a highly experienced motorcycle accident attorney, San Francisco, to represent their accident claim with the at-fault drivers insurance company to ensure their rights are fully protected while a favorable settlement is secured.
As part of the insurance claims process accident investigators and claims adjusters will pour over the evidence from the motorcycle accident, read the official police report and talk to witnesses. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will also review all of the evidence and in situations where there has been serious injury or multiple drivers involved your lawyer will use his own accident investigator and accident reconstruction specialist to gather and document the full details of the accident.
Claims adjusters work for the insurance company and it’s their job to secure evidence to devalue and deny a motorcycle accident victim insurance claim, it is a common practice to offer a low-ball settlement in an effort to close an insurance claim for the lowest amount possible.
An experienced motorcycle accident attorney knows how claims adjusters operate and how they deal with motorcycle accidents where there was serious injury or multiple victims, and while they are only the first stage of any motorcycle accident claim, your personal injury lawyer will present your case showing the at-fault insured drivers fault and make it clear that they will go to court if necessary to prove your case.
To the victim of a motorcycle accident, receiving an adequate and fair settlement to cover your medical bills, damages to your motorcycle and money to compensate you for your lost wages and pain and suffering is paramount, and you should never take a chance in serious situations like this. Put the law on your side by hiring a qualified and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.
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