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It is the most wonderful time of the year! Now that the Christmas season is in full swing, it is time to reach in your heart and do something wonderful for your Florida community. This holiday season, why not bring a smile to a young child’s face and participate in a motorcycle toy run. Motorcycle toy runs help raise money and toys for children in the community and they’re just another way motorcyclists continue to “pay it forward” each and every year.
No matter where you live in Florida, there is a motorcycle run close by. Check out our list of Florida motorcycle events and see if there is one in your area!

Florida Motorcycle Toy Runs – Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®

  • Biker’s Bash to Benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County—December 6th through December 8th
  • 10th Annual Toy Run to Benefit Guardian Ad Litem in Perry, Florida—December 8th
  • 2012 St. Lucie County Toy Run in Ft. Pierce, Florida—December 9th
  • Toys in the Sun Motorcycle Toy Run in Fort Lauderdale, Florida—December 9th
  • Bikers of Palm Beach Toy Run for the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach County—December 15th
  • Toy Run Bike Drawing at Peterson’s Harley in Peterson, Florida—December 15th
  • Wreaths Across America in Lake Worth, Florida—December 15th
  • ·          Toy Soldier Run in Gainesville, Florida—December 15th
  • Toys for Tots at the 1st Annal Biscaune Park Winterfest Car, Motorcycle, and Bike Show—December 15th
  • 4th Annual Alfredon Pena Memorial Toy Run in Miami, Florida—December 15th
  • Wings of Gold MC West Palm Beach Toy Drive in Palm Beach, Florida—December 16th

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