San Jose Motorcycle Accident LawyersOn May 14,2010, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that pro-cyclist Taylor Tolleson filed a lawsuit against the California hit and run driver that ended his pro-cycling career. In July of 2009, Tolleson was heading back to Santa Cruz on his motorcycle, when he was hit by a speeding Audi on Highway 1. The Audi pinned Tolleson underneath the car, left him on California Highway 1, and fled the scene of the accident. Tolleson was taken to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center where he sustained a traumatic brain injury and broken vertebra in his Santa Cruz motorcycle hit and run accident.  

After an initial investigation, the Audi was recovered near Graham Hill Road and Ocean Street and later impounded. The suspect, Aptos resident Thomas John Legan, turned himself into authorities later in July and was arrested for a California felony hit and run. 

Tolleson; however, did not make a full recovery as he had initially hoped. His traumatic brain injury, caused by his Santa Cruz motorcycle crash, has caused memory loss, mood swings, and trouble focusing. In addition, his fractured L1 vertebrae causes him pain whenever he rides his bike.  

Due to his motorcycle accident injuries, Tolleson’s professional cycling career seems to be over. As such, he decided to file a California personal injury lawsuit against both the suspected California hit and run driver and his father (who was the registered owner of the car). He seeks damages for past and future medical costs associated with his traumatic brain injury and damaged vertebrae and lost wages due to the sudden loss of his career.  

Traumatic brain injuries can be devastating injuries to overcome and each year 1.4 million Americans suffer some form of traumatic brain injuries, according to the Center for Disease Control. California motorcyclists are at an increased risk for sustaining serious and deadly head injuries whenever they are involved in motorcycle crashes. Even motorcycle accidents that occur at low speeds can cause serious head injuries to motorcyclists. 

If you or someone you love is injured in a Santa Cruz motorcycle accident, it is important to find an experienced and veteran Santa Cruz motorcycle accident attorney. Traumatic brain injuries can leave California motorcycle accident victims with severe and life-long disabilities, including loss of cognitive functioning, paralysis and even death. As such, you will need compensation for your medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages and decreased quality of life.  

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Santa Cruz, you need a Santa Cruz motorcycle accident lawyer who understands the complexities surrounding motorcycle accident cases. We understand motorcyclists—because we are motorcyclists.  

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