Selfish Drivers Make It Tough For Bikers On U.S. HighwaysI love being in the wind, the freedom of the open road is just as important as the destination, but when selfish motorists turn one of my greatest pleasures into a long distance obstacle course sometimes I wish I never loved riding my Harley!
I get paid to travel the U.S. and report on motorcycle events, and lately with so many reckless and down right selfish drivers on the highways I have found it much safer to either fly to an event, or just rent a car rather than riding my motorcycle.
While preparing for Sturgis 2010 I considered riding my bike, but after a short Las Vegas run with a few friends it was obvious to me that I would have to take extra care with so many motorists that seemed either uncaring or just plain selfish! I just don’t get it, it seems that today more and more motorists drive with a uncaring attitude or demeanor; this is especially evident in just about every roadway that intersects large cities.
While on my way to Sturgis this year i witnessed many non-motorcycle involved auto/truck accidents, and plenty of reckless driving on the Interstate, which helped to increase my already large bias towards “Cage” drivers. It seems that it isn’t enough that our highways are already choked and congested with traffic, but to compound matters we now have to contend with these selfish and blatantly reckless motorists as well.
It also seemed that the worst drivers always appeared late at night, and in interstate road repair zones. I find it pathetic that obeying the posted speed limit late at night an exception rather than the norm for about 90% of the motorists traveling late at night. As I made my way towards Sturgis I chuckled to myself as these thoughtless drivers raced by me, many looking my way with their disapproving gestures, but I guess the need to get to their destination as fast as possible was far more important than safety concerns.
So what’s the answer? It is obvious…. proactive driving watching for those reckless motorists sharing the road. Proactive drivers are a special breed that take driving to the next level, not just going with the flow, but being diligent and alert while on the road. To be a proactive driver one must be on the defense against anything that will cause an accident whether it is other drivers or adverse conditions on the roadways. They will also be able to handle any situation, should one arise, calmly and effectively because they have the tools and skills necessary.
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