Last year, alcohol dragster star Shawn Cowie was sightseeing in Nashville, Tennessee, when his motorcycle was hit from behind by a Toyota Camry on Interstate 40. The impact of the crash sent Cowie 100 feet forward over the guardrail where he fell another 27 feet. He was immediately rushed to Vanderbilt Hospital where doctors were certain they would have to amputate his leg. Instead, they opted to wait and he slowly began to recover.
The horrific motorcycle accident left him with a broken neck and back and doctors feared that he would have some type of brain damage or paralysis from the ordeal. He drifted in and out of consciousness for days until he became stable. Miraculously, he did not have a brain injury and his spinal cord remained intact. Since then he has undergone more than a dozen surgeries over the past 13 months, including plastic surgeries, skin grafts, and muscle surgeries. The bones in his right foot were reduced to dust and he had numerous pins and rods placed in his legs. Unfortunately, there are more surgeries scheduled in the future.
Before the motorcycle accident, Cowie was a favorite to win the 2011 title and he is a three time national event champion. He will need this competitive spirit to comeback from these motorcycling injuries and regain his former life again. As of now, he is focused solely on regaining all of his mobility. He only has 10 degrees of movement in his right knee but he plans to keep pushing until he can walk and ride again. With some extensive rehabilitation and a few more surgeries, he is confident that he can regain most of his mobility—even if he’ll always have some degree of permanent disability.
Shawn, we look forward to seeing you back on the track soon!

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