motorcycle lawyer CAWhile the dangers of slippery road surfaces are well known to most California motorcyclists and are mentioned by the California Department of Motor Vehicles in public releases and documents, poor road conditions continue to cause deadly California motorcycling accidents.
According to the Orange County Register, a recent CA motorcycle accident in Upland, Orange County may have been caused by a slick roadway. 30 year old Mark Mickelsen, a Garden Grove firefighter, was riding home from his shift at the fire station when he suddenly lost control of his bike. Investigators are not sure why Mickelsen lost control of his bike, but a rain slick roadway may have been the cause. He was critically injured in the crash on October 18th, 2010 and was in critical condition.
Roads that have been wet only enough to “float” existing oil and grease deposits on the surface are especially slippery, and may have played a role in the Garden Grove firefighters accident, since he was reported to have been riding after waiting out a brief rainstorm.
Why are CA motorcycles more at risk from slippery surfaces?
There is an obvious hazard to motorcyclists from loose gravel, sand, oil, grease, and other slippery hazards on roadways. Because motorcycles have only two wheels instead of the minimum four wheels used on cars and trucks, there is much less tire surface in contact with the pavement, so they are less stable under slippery conditions which tend to reduce traction between tire and road.
Loose gravel and sand on roadways and patches of oil and grease each pose a particular hazard to motorcyclists. Other slip hazards include so-called “snakes” of tar which have been used to seal cracks and lines in asphalt paving. These ribbons of tar sealant tend to become very slick when wet, much more slippery than the surrounding asphalt roadway, thus creating a hazard for bikers.
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