It’s our guess that satellites hovering above the West Coast heard a huge group of motorcyclists collectively let out a sigh of relief when the news was dropped around 3pm- four antique motorcycles used in the Motorcycle Cannonball this year were found less than a day after the owners announced their theft.
Motorcyclist’s pages yesterday swarmed over the news of their disappearance from a hotel parking lot Wednesday morning- the information went viral almost immediately. King5 news reports that a worker in the Seattle SODO district noticed the trailer and recognized it from facebook posts. When he looked inside, he saw the four missing motorcycles and called the Police. The fifth bike, which was not assembled and was stored in multiple boxes, was stolen from the trailer, as well as various spare parts and engines.

A huge win for motorcyclists and history buffs- these motorcycles (from 1919, 1926, 1928, 1931) were irreplaceable and to the owners, priceless. Congratulations to the racers, team, and everyone who shared the posts. Great job, team motorcycle family!