New York Cracks Down on Texting and Driving

Drivers around the nation all seem to understand the dangers that they impose on themselves and others when they use their cell phone while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Yet, many drivers still opt to use their devices while driving. As a result, states around the country have begun to ban all use of cellular devices while behind the wheel.
There are 39 states to this point that have all-out banned their use while driving, and New York is one of the vanguard states, pushing all drivers who use their roads to do so in a safe manner.  New York troopers are combating this issue through the use of raised, undercover police SUV’s.  The point of raising these vehicles is to allow officers to look down into people’s vehicles; allowing them to see if a cell phone is in use, even if the driver believes that they are effectively hiding their device. As well, New York has increased the number of demerit points that come with a distracted driving citation from 3 points to 5, equal to that of reckless driving. For those who don’t know, in New York, 11 points deducted is enough to have your license suspended.

We all know just how dangerous distracted driving really is yet most of us still continue to do it. According to the AAA Foundation Traffic Safety Culture Index that was conducted in 2012, 81 percent of those surveyed viewed texting while driving as “a very serious threat to safety”. Yet, of that 81 percent; 35 percent had still read a text while behind the wheel, and 27 percent had sent one in the previous month.
New York is hoping an increased police presence will help deter people from continuing the alarming trend of texting while driving. And you can do your part as well, if you are in the car with someone who is texting and driving, remind them of the dangers that it imposes not only on your vehicle, but also on the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians.
We all have a part to play in stopping this epidemic and together, we can all save lives.
Stop the Text Stop the Wrecks!

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