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With already thousands of bikers in attendance at this years Sturgis motorcycle rally, as each hour ticks by, more and more people make their way into town to get a head start on this years 2 week biker rally. In recent years, the revitalization of motorcycling and new fans of the old rallies have led to increased attendance of classic rallies such as Sturgis. Attendance was estimated at 514,951 in 2004, 525,250 in 2005, and 754,844 in 2000—statistics rivaling South Dakota’s population. Many of the new attendees of the Sturgis Rally are families, bringing their children and driving trailers and campers to the rally, riding their motorcycles the last few miles.

In its 70th year, many consider the Sturgis bike rally to be the keystone in motorcycle events, and many have planned marriage with 66 couples tying the knot in 2008. There have even been dozens of births through out the many years of the rally. Hundreds of thousands of riders make the pilgrimage to South Dakota to be a part of this annual historic event. Every brand of motorcycle is represented. Every motorcycle product imaginable is offered by the most recognized industry leaders, and the innovators who come to earn their place. Famous musicians perform at famous venues that have grown up around the Rally. Race fans can watch a hill climb or a drag race. If you are a motorcyclist, Sturgis is Utopia.

This years rally at Sturgis is guaranteed to be the biggest and best with dozens of named musical acts, race events including the legendary hill climb made famous by the Jack Pine Gypsies.

The official Sturgis Bike Rally includes a number of events—especially touring—that branch out to discover the many attractions in the area. These tours include the Dark of the Moon tour that rumbles off to Mount Rushmore for the evening lighting ceremony, and the annual Governor’s Tour that rides to both Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial. Even nearby communities get in the act, and there are Sturgis Motorcycle Rally events held in Rapid City and Keystone, and at Badlands National Park and Custer State Park. Different groups participate, including Vietnam Veterans (the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall shows up for the week) and the Latin American and Christian Motorcycle Associations.

Another integral part of the Sturgis Rally is food, dining, food, and more food. All the local restaurants participate, and hundreds of food vendors appear. Fast food and traditional barbecue are the two favorites. Other vendors include tattoo artists, T-shirt vendors, bike-parts firms, bike customizers, and entire motorcycle companies. There are so many vendors setting up a weeklong business that even the Internal Revenue Service is one of the vendors—to ensure everyone pays taxes on their income. There are concerts and performances offered throughout the week in campgrounds, parks, and the famous Buffalo Chip Bar.

I will be hanging out with the BAM Girls at the Buffalo Chip with my camera…. so make sure you stop by and say hello, and the BAM Girls too 🙂

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