Sturgis 2012 Motorcycle Rally Comes to a Close Motorcycle lawyer South Dakota; Sunday afternoon in Sturgis is pretty much quiet, the traffic is high heading out of town but relaxed in the city of Sturgis except for the crews of vendors packing up. Just as previous Sturgis Rally’s, the 2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was a mind blowing experience and so much has happened during the 10 day event; new friends were made, happy couples got married, lots of new motorcycles were purchased, and stacks of shiny chrome and cool accessories were bought as motorcycle upgrades and cool gifts.
There was music, loud motorcycles, sexy women and non-stop partying in and around Sturgis, South Dakota, reaching as far as Devils Tower to the west and the Badlands national park to the east. The spirit of brotherhood, freedom and the love of being in the wind prevailed during the 10 day celebration of the biker lifestyle, and all burdens, personal woes happening in the rest of the world was put on hold for a short time while the Sturgis Rally was underway.
No matter where you were in the Sturgis area there was something exciting to do, and plenty to see. Many bikers made the Legend Ride (put on by the Legendary Buffalo Chip), while others checked out or participated in the Hill Climb or the Flat Track Races. Many bikers parked their motorcycles and stretched their legs hanging out on the streets in downtown Sturgis, in Deadwood or one of the other towns near Sturgis.
Every bar was packed with bikers enjoying the high-life, exchanging stories of their trip to the rally, asking questions about upcoming events and popular attractions, where to get a tattoo, or parts for emergency repairs. Some bikers made the trip with a sleeping bag tied to their motorcycle, saddle bags packed hoping to find a place to crash, but glad they made it to Sturgis, South Dakota. There were fathers and sons who made the run together for the first time, families who made the trip as a vacation and solo riders and groups who roared into town dusty and tired but exhilarated that the finally made it.
Everyone has a story about why they came to Sturgis, some were first timers, some were old timers who had being making the run to Sturgis for 10 or 20 years. Everybody has a story to tell and with those wonderful stories, a multitude of fond memories that will be recounted for years to come.
Along with all of the beauty, excitement and biker lifestyle fun, there was also tragedy as 9 people lost their lives in motorcycle related accidents. Those who knew the victims were left uneasy and confused while those close to them offered comfort and assistance as best they could.
There was little sleep during the 10 day rally, there was so much to see and do that the general consensus was that sleep could wait until the rally was over, many bikers had agendas and itineraries for the rally and that’s how they planned their run to Sturgis, while many motorcyclists didn’t have any plans and they would simply go where the day took them. Almost everyone took loads and loads of pictures with their cellphones, and digital cameras. The digital age was in full effect as well in Sturgis, and while some bikers were busy checking out the vendors in and around Sturgis, there was a techy crowd hard at work posting news and blurbs with and without pictures on Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs and social sites all around the world. People took pictures in front of notable landmarks and signs as digital souvenirs of the 2012 Sturgis Rally. Pictures were snapped of hot custom Harley’s, sexy women, groups of bros who made the run together, the scenery, and even random shots of the crowd in the streets.
As the days roared by and the 2012 Sturgis Rally drew to a close, phone numbers were exchanged, plans made to meet up next year, deals made for custom-built motorcycles, sexy paint jobs and just about anything else you could imagine. Mental plans were made preparing for the ride back home, or a quick stop to pick up a tee-shirt, patch or gifts for friends and loved ones back home.
As bikers who traveled to Sturgis from all over world make their journey back home, they will recount the fun, excitement and adventure. They were part of at the 2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and while on the road should you spot a biker with a sly grin on his face, I bet if you ask, he will tell you that he was at Sturgis 2012 and how much fun he had!
Hope to see you all at Sturgis 2013!
For over 30 years Russ Brown Motorcycle lawyers have been highly involved sponsors at Sturgis and the Buffalo Chip, and you have probably seen the BAM booth at either Main street or in the Buffalo Chip. As motorcyclists who ride they know what it means when you are hit on your motorcycle and go down. Should you ever become the victim of a motorcycle accident call 1-800-4-BIKERS to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer who will fight for your rights.