Devils Tower Sturgis 2012 Rides You have To TakeMotorcycle Injury Attorney; There is so much to see and do at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that is just impossible to see and do it all, but whatever you do you have make at least one of these runs! make sure you bring your camera because you will want pictures of these runs.

Devils Tower

It’s a straight shot west from Sturgis on I-90 to WY-14 and only 80 miles, but you need to make a slight detour to SD-34 on the way and check out the Old Stone House Saloon just outside of Belle Fourche, SD.
The Old Stone House saloon is exactly that, an old stone house that 50 weeks out of the year is empty, but for 2 weeks in August it is open serving up drinks food and  live music and is great hangout spot for bikers who are taking a pit stop on run to and from the general area. check out the Old Stone House Saloon just out side of Belle Fourche, SD.
Devils Tower was the first declared United States National Monument, established on September 24, 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. The Monument’s boundary encloses an area of 1,347 acres of protected land.
Devils Tower is a monolithic igneous intrusion, or in other words, it is the core of a volcano exposed from erosion. The Devils Tower is a popular attraction to both motorcyclists and vacationers and the area offers plenty of fun for everyone, and don’t forget to get a cool tee-shirt at the trading post!

Badlands National Park

Badlands national parkRevered for its rugged beauty, the badlands national park is another run you have to make;  rich with history, Indian lore and raw natural beauty help make this wild frontier a visually stunning ride. In 1890, Badlands National Park witnessed one of the last “ghost dances” at Stronghold Table. The Lakota Indians believed that the dance rendered them impervious to bullets and that it would push the encroaching white men out of their territory. The area retains deep significance to the Lakota Indians and the Oglala Lakota tribe administers the Stronghold Table site with the National Park Service.
There is plenty to see and do along the way of all of these rides, and I am sure you won’t have any trouble finding your way, because there were will plenty of bikers making the run along with you, and I am sure you can get even more ideas of things to do and see while you’re relaxing. If you got a cool run you made while at Sturgis make sure you drop me a line with the details and some cool pictures.
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