texas motorcycle lawyersAccording to a recent news story in the Times-Register, the city of Haslet in Tarrant County has been served notice that one of the victims of a November motorcycle accident on Blue Mound Road may file a lawsuit holding Haslet responsible for a defective roadway. The crash killed a 45-year-old man and seriously injured his 40-year old female companion when their eastbound motorcycle slid into the guardrail protecting westbound traffic.
This motorcycle accident was blamed on a “premises defect” in the form of a poorly-built or poorly-maintained roadway. The claim alleges that Haslet and/or Tarrant County were negligent, yet Haslet Mayor Bob Golden was quoted as saying that the city “[does] not feel responsible for the incident.” Although Texas motorcycle lawyers have long worked to make our roads safer for motorcyclists, obviously much remains to be done.
After a motorcycle accident, the clock is ticking…
Texas state law requires that anyone who wishes to make a legal claim of negligence or file a lawsuit against a city or county here in Texas must first give written notice, as highlighted in this news story. If notice is not given within a relatively short period of time, an accident victim may lose the right to seek relief.
Unfortunately, in spite of the efforts of Texas motorcycle lawyers to educate the motorcycle-riding public, many people injured in motorcycle accidents are unaware of the legal requirements and, therefore, lose their right to sue—perhaps condemning them to a lifetime of pain and suffering.
In many cases, negligent government bodies escape legal sanctions for negligence because they understand the rules of the game better than the bikers do. It is critically important to contact experienced Texas motorcycle lawyers after a serious motorcycle accident.
If your family has been affected by a motorcycle accident in Texas, whether caused by defective roadways, negligence, or any other cause, you should contact a Texas motorcycle attorney immediately for help. A veteran Texas motorcycle lawyer can protect your rights, and ensure that you and your loved ones receive the financial support you deserve. Call 1-800-4-BIKERS to consult with an experienced Texas motorcycle lawyers today.

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