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Construction work zones can be hazardous to Texas drivers and construction workers alike. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) estimates there are 20,000 accidents and 175 fatalities in Texas highway work zones every year. Although road construction workers are particularly vulnerable to injuries or fatalities, TxDOT indicates that more than 4 out of 5 victims who died in Texas work zone accidents in 2008 were people traveling through work zones.

Texas motorcyclists are more vulnerable to construction zone hazards than motorists in larger vehicles are. Speeding cars and trucks and distracted drivers can be deadly to bikers. Other less obvious dangers lurking in construction and maintenance work zones include construction debris, misplaced barriers, and construction equipment left too close to open lanes. These can all lead to fatal Texas motorcycle accidents.

According to KVUE in Austin, a man named Jesse Sepeda proposed a new city ordinance in Pflugerville to help prevent tragic work zone accidents due to improperly stored equipment. Sepeda’s son Anthony, a high school student, died in a Texas motorcycle accident in 2008 while driving through a work zone at Dessau Road and Wells Branch Parkway. He lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into a backhoe. The article states Jesse Sepeda believes his son might have had a greater chance of survival if the construction equipment was not stored so close to the roadway or if a barricade was in place. If approved, the ordinance would require construction equipment to be stored a minimum of 30 feet away from open traffic lanes when road crew workers are not present or 10 feet away if barricades are used.

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