Lone Star Rally Rapidly Approaching, so Let’s Brush Up on Some Fun Texas Sayings!
Texas Motorcycle Lawyer; The 2012 Lone Star Rally is set to kick off November 1st in Galveston, Texas and will run through the 4th. The rally is known as the largest 4 day motorcycle rally in North America and this year promises to be one of the best.
This year, the Lone Star Motorcycle Rally welcomes Bret Michaels, as he puts on a free concert Friday night at Beach Central Park. Other bands will be performing throughout the 4 day event, including:

  • Farrell Webber
  • Big Engine
  • Kolby Gray
  • Zach Tate
  • O.G.R.E
  • Jasmine Cain
  • Jared Blake

There will also be celebrity bike builders Paul Yaffe and Rick Fairless and an All-Star Round-Up Custom Bike Show for all who wish to participate.
Brushing Up on Fun Texas Sayings
Before you head down to Texas for the big rally, you may want to consider brushing up on some fun Texas sayings! For starters, you may want to become familiar with the popular southern contraction—y’all. This is pronounced yaaallllll—not “you all”—and is used to refer to more than one person!
Also, if you want to order a soda or a pop while you are down there, then it is referred to as a Coke. Even if you want a Pepsi or a Sprite…it’s still a Coke. So when you say you want a Coke, the waitress will then ask you what kind of Coke you want. Got it? If you want tea, then be prepared for the sweetest most delectable liquid to ever pass your lips. If you want to sweeten it yourself, then you MUST ask for unsweetened…and be prepared to get some rather crazy looks.
If you are getting ready to do something, then you are fixin’ to do it…and if you are taking someone somewhere then you aren’t “taking them”—you are “carrying them”. So a proper phrase would be..”Hey, I’m fixin to go to the rally; do you want me to carry you?”
At Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®, we are busy brushing up on our Texas lingo and polishing the chrome because we are heading down for the festivities! Not only will we be there, but we are the official attorney sponsor of this year’s Lone Star Rally. Our motorcycle accident attorneys will be there to have some fun and introduce more motorcyclists to BAM, our free roadside and legal assistance program. We hope to see you there! If you are interested in learning more about BAM or our law firm, call us at 1-800-4-BIKERS today!

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