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Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Prevent Texting and Driving Apps.

Each year, over 1 million auto/motorcycle accidents are directly caused by texting and driving. Many of these auto/motorcycle accidents result in serious or fatal injuries to those involved. The strange thing is that we all know the dangers of texting while driving (9/10 Americans want it outlawed) but still two thirds of us admit that we can’t put down the phone when we’re behind the wheel.
How can we curb this epidemic that continues to plague us? Luckily, there are some emerging solutions we can look at that may help. A number of software developers and mobile service providers have recognized the issue and turned it into an opportunity to drive safety on our roads.  Newly developed apps for smartphones that block the holder from texting while driving are now available in the market.
AT&T has recently released a new app which is they call AT&T Drivemode. Available for Android and Blackberry, this app will send automatic replies to any incoming text—similar to out of office answers on e-mail. At the same time, the app will block your device from phone calls and web browsing.  It will still allow you to cruise through your tunes—that’s no issue, but the vehicle operator should obviously take care when doing so.  The Drivemode app will allow you to make a phone call to up to 5 people, including 911—that is, if you REALLY need to get in touch with someone.
AT&T’s app isn’t the only one to hit the market recently as a couple of other companies have rolled out their own apps designed to limit the functionality of our cell phones while on the road. is an iPhone and Blackberry friendly app that reads incoming text messages aloud, eliminating that urge to reach for your phone every time you here that familiar ding. Perhaps the best feature though, is that it can send an automated response, or, you can even dictate your response and it will send it for you—totally hands free!
There’s also tXtBlocker which, for a small monthly fee, enables the user to program certain times of the day where the phone will not function. For example, you can identify windows like your regular commute times and your phone simply won’t function during that time. This is actually very convenient for other times as well, like class or work hours where it is inappropriate for you to be fiddling with your phone. This app is available for use with a variety of smartphones.
For those of us whose addiction to texting is a little harder to curb, there’s the “Textecution” app.  This Android friendly app uses a GPS to monitor your speed and if you are travelling at speeds over 10mph, the app blocks all access to your phone. What happens if you have the app but you’re a passenger not the driver? Simple, you send a request to an administrator that will grant you to access your phone when travelling at higher speeds.
Whether you are a hard-core texter, or just a casual user who only occasionally reaches for the phone while driving, these apps can help break the habit of texting and driving. The only thing is that they don’t come pre-installed. You have to go get them. Remember, the only way to stop you from texting and driving is to make yourself stop. There are sure to be more of these apps developed as the issue continues to draw attention from lawmakers and motorists alike.
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