South Dakota Motorcycle LawyersBikers have been heading into Sturgis, South Dakota, for the past two weeks and the Sturgis Bike Rally doesn’t officially start till Friday (August 6). When we heard that motorcyclists were showing up early by the thousands we sent our BAM team (Free breakdown and legal assistance for motorcyclists) in a few days early. They will be set up at two different locations on Main St, Sturgis. The BAM girls team arrives on Monday and will be stationed at the legendary Buffalo Chip.

The growing popularity of motorcycles in the late 90’s equaled higher attendance at motorcycle rallies including Sturgis. Attendance for Sturgis Bike Week was at it’s highest in 2000 with an estimated 754, 844 bikers. From there attendance at motorcycle rallies declined as the economy started to head into the toilet. The economy has yet to recover but due to this being the 70th Anniversary of the biggest rally in the United States attendance numbers are expected to float around one million bikers. Many campgrounds in the Sturgis/ Black Hills area have had to expand to accommodate the huge demand for camping space.

Everyone is saying this is to be the best and biggest Sturgis Bike Week yet and with the large musical acts performing at the Buffalo Chip and at the Rock and Rev Festival, the races, and the beautiful scenery I am sure it will be.

Make sure you have your BAM card in your wallet before hitting the road or take the time and become a BAM volunteer at one of our locations during Sturgis Bike Week. BAM is a biker network of over one milluion volunteers that is 100 percent free.

“If you break down in my neighborhood I come and help you and if I break down in your neighborhood you come help me.”

This is a great tool to use in addition to your HOG card or AAA, etc.

To find out more check out our website or stop by one of our locations in Sturgis.

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